payroll Payroll, an everyday word every manager and human resource personnel responsible for such task cringes when mentioned.
eSmart Solutions’ job is to make payroll one of the most pleasant tasks within your organization. We are not here to solve the most common denominator type situation. We are not here to provide you with a simple payroll solution addressing simple salary calculations. We are here to solve some of the most complex payroll scenarios small businesses and large enterprises face with every pay period.

Do these scenarios sound familiar to you?

  • Does your payroll calculation per individual differ from one pay period to another?
  • Do you pay your employees and partners based on a 100% commission structure?
  • Do you pay your employees based on a fixed salary model?
  • Do you have a complicated commission structure that requires you to have several split models in place?
  • Do you have a pyramid based organization?
  • Do you have a channel based organization?
  • Do you have to split pay between a number of individuals and organizations on a regular basis?
  • Does the commission structure change based on variables such as time, volume and more?
  • Does the pay process require you to pay corporate dues and fees?
  • Does the pay process require you to pay referral to other parties?
  • Did you find a solution that does exactly what your business requires?
  • Do you have a solution allowing to put the power in your Franchises hands?

We have the answer.

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