promo-img-big At eSmart Solutions, translating process engineering schemas into an automated reality is what we do best. We specialize in building back-office applications that are well meshed and integrated with your existing suite of applications. Our proven track record is filled with success stories as we take the time to understand our clients vision in addition to crafting solutions that over achieve their business goals. Although we mainly specialize in financial services based ERP solutions, our expertise and solutions can be applied to many others.

Our crafted solutions consist of but not limited to:

  • Centralized Data Repository: A single version of the truth served to all connected systems
  • Commissions: Calculation and processing engines specifically tailored for channel type organizations
  • Internet and intranet portals: Either for private or public use, our portal suite acts as a one stop shop for all your electronic business applications
  • Compliance: Our platform ensures that your company is managed according to government legislation and regulations, industry standards, and internal policies and procedures.
  • CRM: Our platform takes customer relationship management to the next level by maintaining constant dialogue with your customers on your behalf via the Auto-Pilot feature
  • Document Management
  • Marketing Tools & Digital Stores
  • Single-Sign-On Engines
  • Websites for the Enterprise and its Channels: Build and deploy your enterprise and channel websites in just a few clicks

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